Dec 3, 2015

Flower crochet tutorial

I have been working on this video for a few months now. For lack of time and being a first timer at editing videos, this was a challenge. I found this pattern for a flower motif very interesting and I'm planning to make a handbag by joining several of these motifs. But I'm not sure if that would ever be possible. Check the video below explaining how this crochet flower is made.

Since this is my first time, your comments and feedback either here or on youtube would mean a lot to me. Subscribe to my youtube channel to be updated of more such tutorials in the future.

If you have issues watching this video here then click on this link below to view it on youtube directly

Feb 15, 2015

A Valentines wonky heart!

A post a day after valentines day but about valentines day only shows how busy I was on the V day. No it was not the usual 'I love you' and 'chocolates' day for me. But rather a lightbulb that glowed in my creative mind.

I have been waiting to make a quilled earring, use a beehive technique for the first time ever and all this had to happen on the day of love with the things I love to do the most - CRAFT

And so then what happened is .. I drew the whole sketch mentally then got to working right away. Completed one and then pulled out my tripod, attached my camera, set set set and made a video of how to go about it.

Yes you heard me right! A Video! A Tutorial! A Free Pattern!

Because I love you crafters so much I am putting my extra time and effort, going that extra mile. Editing my video as I type this post on another window (computers a meant to multitask, aren't they??)

So when done I will upload it on my new youtube channel, that would be the first ever upload and will keep you updated on when that happens. In the meantime please check the pic below of how it turned out.

And wonky yeah! Don't you see it was not a perfect heart after all just like all of us. A bulge here and there - not perfect, yet one that asks to be loved and in return gives as much love and care

Feb 13, 2015

Joining other blogs

I am bored... having no social circle around to interact with who think and do things on the same wavelength as I do. But I have a brilliant idea, that is, become more active amongst other crocheters, interact with them and learn from them. And as a process during this month, I have started following the blogs listed below. I have linked their blogs so that all my visitors can check their blogs and see their outstanding work.

If you wish to follow me in return please click on the 'Join this site' with google friend connect button to your right --->
Let me know that you are following me so I can do the same :)

This list will keep growing all through this month as I keep adding more blogs to my reading list


18th Feb' 15 - Phew!!.. took some time out today to get to know a few more artists.. Its a big world made small on the internet and I'm just loving joining these people. Please visit